How to receive e-communications

If you are a shareholder in any of the Northern VCTs you can register to receive information by email.

Please find below instructions on how to opt-in to e-communications.

If you are not registered on Shareview:

Step 1: Find your shareholder reference (located on your share certificate)

Step 2: Go to the Shareview website www.shareview.co.uk

Step 3: On the home page under Managing your shares, and under the  Shareholder services column, click on Register for e-communications

Step 4: Under How to register, click Register now

Step 5:  Select the Northern VCT that relates to your shareholder reference and complete the short form, then click Set up your account

Step 6: Complete the registration form and select Email under Preferences

If you are already registered on Shareview:

Step 1: Go to www.shareview.co.uk

Step 2: Click Login next to Shareview portfolio at the top of the Shareview home page

Step 3: Enter your Username/ID, Date of Birth and Password

Step 4: Under Quick links choose Update my communication preferences

Step 5: Click on Change below first paragraph

Step 6: Scroll down the page to Communications preference and tick Email 

Step 7: Click Submit 

If you have holdings in more than on Northern VCT you will only need to register once to receive e-communications for all of them. For all Shareview queries, please call T 0800 028 2349.