Northern 3 VCT PLC.

23 NOVEMBER 2018



Northern 3 VCT PLC (the “Company”) announces that subject to obtaining the requisite shareholder approvals (which will be sought at the general meeting to be held on 20 December 2018) it intends, in conjunction with Northern Venture Trust PLC and Northern 2 VCT PLC (together with the Company, known as the “Northern VCTs”), to launch a top-up offer of new ordinary shares for subscription in the 2018/19 tax year (“the Offer”).  It is envisaged that the Offer will seek to raise up to £6.6 million (equivalent to €7.4 million at current exchange rates) for each of the Northern VCTs, a total fund-raising of up to £19.8 million.

It is expected that the Offers will open on or around 7 January 2019 and will remain open until 5 April 2019, unless fully subscribed at an earlier date and subject to the directors’ right to close any Offer at any time. It is expected that all new shares will be allotted between 1 April 2019 and 5 April 2019. Further details of the Offer will be contained in the offer document which is expected to be published on or around 7January 2019 (the “Offer Document”).

Applications for the new shares in the Company will be dealt with on a “first come first served” basis with a minimum subscription of £6,000 in total and £2,000 in each of the Northern VCTs.  However, shareholders on the register of members for any of the Northern VCTs as at the close of business on 14 November 2018 will have priority application rights for a period of fourteen days from the date of publication of the Offer Document.

The new shares will be issued at a premium to the latest published net asset value per share prior to the relevant allotment date to allow for issue costs and to mimimise any dilution in the net asset value attributable to each existing share when the new shares are issued. A discount to the issue price will be available to all applicants (including existing shareholders) whose applications are received by the Company by the date falling 4 weeks after the opening of the Offer (expected to be 4 February 2019).The issue price applicable to each allotment will be subject to adjustment as appropriate to reflect dividend distributions and changes in the published net asset value per share since the publication of the Offer Document.


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