Investment process

Investment process .

Our short lines of communication allow us to make quick
decisions and deliver on what we promise.

Our investment decision will be based on a range of factors, such as the track record of your management team, the quality of your product or service and the characteristics of your market place. Overall, we are looking to work with capable management teams in businesses which can deliver strong growth.

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  • A business plan (or information memorandum) is an essential
    document for people seeking to raise investment to help fund their
    companies. It tells a story of your business and what you are trying
    to achieve.

    Your business plan will be reviewed by one or more members of our
    investment team, who are entrenched within the UK region where
    your business is based, or who has experience of managing a similar
    business in the past.

  • We will arrange a meeting between key members of our team and
    yours. During our time together, we will explore the commercial
    aspects of your business. What makes your business tick, what
    makes your customers buy, why does your business exist and why
    should you do better than others? From your perspective you are
    choosing an investment partner, so it will be important for you to
    know that you can work with us.

  • If we are all happy to progress, an offer letter will be sent to you
    outlining our proposal for investment and all the terms and
    conditions. Once the offer is agreed by all parties, and NVM receives
    exclusivity, the due‐diligence process will start.

  • We have trusted due diligence providers who investigate the
    financial, commercial, legal and IT aspects of the business. Once we
    have received reports on these key aspects, everything will be
    presented to our board members for final approval.

  • The legal completion will follow shortly after board approval. We
    would anticipate that the investment process could take 8‐10 weeks
    from NVM receiving exclusivity – obviously each transaction is unique.